Where can you elope in NH?

Where can you elope in NH? A big question.

With Covid-19 throwing a monkey wrench into literally ALL of the good things in 2020, it’s no surprise that a lot of awesome couples are choosing to elope instead of having a large, traditional wedding. The “get married now, party later” is super appealing because it allows couples to keep their original date, have an adventure of an elopement day, and still be able to celebrate their marriage with friends and family at a party later on. Honestly, it’s probably one of the best ways to get married if you ask me! Maine is a magical place to elope but, you know where else you can elope in? NH.


There are literally a MILLION different places you could elope to but, today we are focusing on New Hampshire. So, where can you elope in NH? 


Mountains, waterfalls, gardens, city halls, the possibilities are pretty endless! Here are just a few great places where you can elope in NH: 


Cathedrals ledge & Echo Lake

With the top of Cathedrals Ledge accessible by car, this spot is great for those who want the feeling of an adventurous location without all of the sweating and hiking. There’s an opening at the top just off the beaten path that opens up for beautiful views and plenty of light for your photographer to take dreamy photos. Echo lake is another great option for mountainous views near a beautiful body of water. 

Mount Washington 

Mount Washington is truly an epic location for elopements. If you’re brave enough to drive up in your own car, there are multiple places to pull off the road that are out of the way from cars and other visitors. Or, you could take the cog train up for a quick ceremony and portraits at the top and then enjoy your journey as a newlywed couple on the way back down. But, make sure you have the proper permits to get married and have photography at the top as it’s a state park. If you hire an experienced elopement photographer (hi there) they should be able to point you in the right direction. Also, PLEASE practice “Leave no trace” and be mindful of where you are exploring. The summit is full of very delicate alpine mosses and plants. PLEASE stay on durable surfaces and marked trails so that Mount Washington can continue to be enjoyed by future adventurers. 

Franconia Notch

A truly stunning location in the New Hampshire White Mountains. I can’t pick just one vista or view point in Franconia Notch. There are so many hard but rewarding hikes in the area but, there are many beautiful locations that are easier to get to. One of my favorites is Artist’s Bluff- super easy and short hike with an excellent view at the top. Or, you could take one of the gondolas up to a summit at a local ski resort if that’s more of your style. The possibilities are honestly endless. Hop on AllTrails to scope out the area for your perfect spot.

Photo from http://www.franconianotch.org/things-to-do/great-outdoors/


Prescott Park

Not feeling the whole “mountain” thing? Prescott park is easily one of the prettiest parks in New Hampshire… or dare I even say New England! Abundant flowers, stone walkways, fountains- it honestly makes me feel like i’m Alice and I’m in Wonderland. Take a stroll through the park and find your own little corner to say your vows. Then, head out to one of the many amazing restaurants in the Portsmouth Old Port and watch the sailboats coast by.

Photo from Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/137289488615496193/



Eaton, NH and surrounding areas

This area has some great views and easy hikes to enjoy! Below is one of my absolute favorite locations where you can elope in New Hampshire. Just a short hike to the summit from the dirt parking lot (about a half mile hike that is slightly steep in spots). Just make sure you take an all wheel or four wheel drive vehicle, the mountain road to the parking lot is dirt and my Corolla BARELY made it to the parking lot. Once at the top, you are surrounded by 360 views of the other mountains in the area and endless wild blueberries.. YUM. Bring a picnic and a blanket and watch the sunset over the mountains to the west. Swoon.

Foss Mountain Elopement Couple | Where can you elope in NH

Click HERE to see some images of an elopement in this area!

There you have it! A few answers to a popular question nowadays- where can you elope in NH?

Want to plan your own epic NH Elopement? Head over to my contact page and reach out about how to make your dream elopement a reality! You might as well start off the biggest adventure of your life (marriage) with an amazing, adventure filled wedding day, right?

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