An Intimate Winter Maine Lighthouse Elopement

Husband and wife after first kiss during their Maine Lighthouse Elopement.

Maine Lighthouse Elopements are what dreams are made of.

Nestled on the rocky coast of Cape Elizabeth, Maine sits the stunning Portland Head Light; one of the world’s most iconic lighthouses. During the summer, Portland Head Light is bustling with visitors and tourists from all over the world. However, during the late fall and early winter, the lighthouse and park surrounding it slow down and only a few locals can be spotted, bundled in their warm coats exploring the park. Peaceful and quiet with only a few visitors, this was the perfect time of year for a Maine lighthouse Elopement. 

Engagement ring with golf oyster shell for a Maine coast elopement.

White cake with flowers on Maine coast for Maine lighthouse Elopement

With its breathtaking landscapes, innovative (and incredible) local cuisine and the countless hidden gems around every corner in the history Old Port, choosing Portland was a no-brainer for Eric and Regina, who traveled from Boston for their wedding day. 

In the morning and early afternoon they listened to their favorite music and grabbed lunch and some brews at one of Portland’s countless breweries before Regina treated herself to hair and makeup. Then, the two of them put on their wedding day best and headed off on their next and biggest adventure. 

Flowers, vow books and hand warmers in tow, Eric and Regina trekked down the coast to the ceremony site. 

Happy couple saying their vows during their Maine Lighthouse Elopement.

Couples exchanging vows during their Maine Lighthouse Elopement.

First kiss during a Maine Lighthouse Elopement

Most adventures are best off the beaten path.

There are many trails around the Portland Head Light, but the best spots require a sense of adventure. Navigating their way down and around the rocks, they found a spot near the base of the lighthouse, where the waves, mere steps away, lapped gently along the shoreline. 


Husband and wife looking at each other during their Maine Lighthouse Elopement

Bride and groom adventure after their ceremony during their Maine Lighthouse Elopement.

Bride and groom kiss in front of lighthouse during their Maine Light house Elopement

Close-up ring photo with flowers during a Maine Lighthouse Elopement

They exchanged their vows, laughs, a few dad jokes, and finally, their first kiss as husband and wife. 

After exploring the rocky coast, the lighthouse, and taking their husband and wife portraits, Regina and Eric headed off the the Old Port for celebratory dinner with their closest family and friends.

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Design, planning, and photography by Jenna Richmond of Adventure & Vows

instagram @adventureandvows

Florals by Sarah Whiton of Harmon’s Floral Company, Instagram @harmonsfloralcompany

Hair and Makeup by Lindsey Green, Instagram @lindseylgreens

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