How Lighting, Location, and Details Impact Photographs

Hi there! I’m Jenna– the owner, photographer, and elopement pro at Adventure and Vows!

One thing that I’ve wanted to share for a while is why no two galleries look or feel the same. The answer is honestly really easy– it’s because no two elopements/weddings/sessions are the same!

Each couple has planned out their day to complement who they are as individuals and as a couple. This means that locations, decor, florals, colors, textures, and vibes are ALL different because the people they are about are different. Every gallery is going to look unique and have a totally individual feel than all the other ones!

I’ve found the things that make the biggest difference in how photos look and feel are these two things– Location and lighting. The location and lighting are the biggest factors when it comes to what your photos will look and feel like. My goal is for you to have colorful, joyful, and true-to life photos. This means that I’m not going to try to make your day into something that it isn’t and I’m going to honor the details of your day. You spent so much time curating all the details of your day and my goal is to capture it in an authentic way that showcases all of its important pieces… from the venue/location all the way down to the rings.

So, below are some photos from different elopements done by yours truly. Each one of them are beautiful in their own ways and have different feels due to the lighting, location, details, and the individuals in them. The things that they all have in common is that they are unique, authentically captured, joyful, and colorful (minus black and white photos… because some moments are honestly WAY better captured in B&W! I promise!).

I’ll explain above each set of photos whats going on lighting and location wise so you can get a better feel as to what your images might look like (remember, no two days are the same!) in that kind of setting!

Let’s go!

Rainy, windy, and dark AirBnb.

First up is this super sweet AirBnb elopement! Man, was this day SUPER windy and rainy! Like, it poured ALL day long and had very strong winds too. You’ll see below that getting ready photos were done in front of windows to allow for maximum light. We also had to get creative when we went outside and had to use a tiny overhang at the local library to protect ourselves from the rain. At one point during the day we went to a really dark restaurant to escape the rain and chowed down on some yummy food! This might give you a good feel as to what photos might look like at an airbnb and/or on a really rainy day!

Bright sun and a dark barn & farmhouse

Next up is a super sunny elopement at a barn venue. The two things that made this day the feel the way it does is the bright, bright sun, and the really dark barn and dated farmhouse. You’ll see below what photos look like in an old farmhouse, a darker barn, and photos in the REALLY bright sun! This is a great example of how a day might feel at a barn venue and/or a day with really bright sun!

A mix of bright sun, golden glow, and soft & dreamy horizon light

This next one is one of my favorites! We had all kinds of different lighting situations at this one elopement! Bright, bright sun, strong golden glow, and the most perfect “sun at the horizon with some clouds” lighting. This made it so we had a ton of different looks in one gallery! This is one of my secret spots that doesn’t require too much hiking! It’s perfect if you want the views but not the hard workout! Please enjoy this original A&V adventure elopement!

A “classic” cloudy A&V day with a dark and orange AirBnb

This last one is one of my “classic” cloudy days! Believe it or not… most of the elopements I have photographed have been on cloudy days and this is one of them! This was an Acadia National Park elopement that was based out of a local AirBnb. It was a bit dark in the AirBnb and it had really orange walls in the getting ready area. It was also pretty dark outside due to all the clouds throughout the day. Even though it was cloudy, we still had a great day and captured some awesome moments!

Adventure and Vows

Adventure and Vows

Adventure and Vows

Well, there you have it! As you can see, every elopement day is completely different… and that’s ok! Each gallery is unique in its own way because each couple had an experience that was uniquely their own. Weather, location, lighting, colors, florals, buildings, and even GRASS can totally influence the look and feel of images from gallery to gallery. Heck… they can influence how images look in different parts of the same wedding day!

But please, rest assured that no matter the situation of your day, I will always capture it in a way that is joyful, colorful, and authentic to the details of your wedding day.

Now, get outside, have an adventure, and get freaking married. You deserve it.

Cheers, Jenna


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