How to Elope in Portland Maine

An Easy Guide on How to Elope in Portland Maine

Here is your go-to guide on how to elope in Portland, Maine! In this guide I’ll cover the following topics to help make your elopement planning just a little bit easier!

  1. Pick your unique location
  2. Secure your vendors
  3. Get your permit
  4. Get your marriage license
  5. Have the best wedding day ever!
  6. End the day with the best craft beer in town

A couple enjoying the sunrise during their Portland Maine elopement | how to elope in Portland Maine

Your Quick Guide on how to Elope in Portland Maine 

There are countless possibilities when it comes to picking a place to elope in New England. One of my personal favorites is Portland, Maine. Portland is such a special place and is truly unique with what it has to offer eloping couples. In this guide, I’ll show you how to elope in Portland, Maine and a few ways to make your elopement day super special!

Pick Your Unique Ceremony Location

There are so many AMAZING locations in the greater Portland area to have your elopement! The area is super diverse and offers something for everyone. Places in the Portland area for your ceremony include:

  • The architecturally gorgeous Portland City Hall
  • The Eastern Prom at Fish Point
  • The Press Hotel Penthouse & Rooftop
  • Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth
  • Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth 
  • Onboard a 100+ year old schooner with the Portland Schooner Co.
  • Kettle Cove
  • Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Remember that time of year is super important when planning your Portland, Maine elopement. If you want to avoid the frigid cold, blustering wind, and the chilly snow– I recommend doing your Portland, Maine elopement during the months of May- October.  

A couple enjoying the coast during their Portland Maine elopement | how to elope in Portland Maine

Securing your vendors

Every couple is different, therefore, every elopement day will be different! It’s super important that you pick vendors that are there for you and want to help bring your elopement day vision to life! So, what kind of vendors do you need for your day? It totally depends on your vision and what you’re hoping for. Here is a list of the most common types of vendors my elopement couples hire for their amazing day:

  • Elopement Photographer (that’s what I do!)
  • Florist
  • Hair and makeup
  • Dessert or cake baker
  • Food & drink (think private chef’s, charcuterie boards, or renting out small rooms in restaurants for private celebration dinners)
  • Stationer (elopement announcements & vow books)
  • Officiant 

Make sure you secure these vendors early on during your planning process as their availability can be scooped up by larger weddings that are being planned out 18+ months in advance. Want to have a better chance of booking all of your dream vendors and locations for your elopement day? If you can swing it, plan your elopement for a midweek day! It will be the most magica Wednesday of your life– trust me! Plus, planning your day in the middle of the week means smaller crowds in popular destinations for your ceremony and a high chance of getting the vendors you want!

Get Any Needed Permits

Some locations require special use or event permits for you to have your ceremony there. I suggest you check out the town’s website for additional information on permits needed.

Below are some links to popular locations in the Portland area that require permits for ceremonies. Check them out!

A couple enjoying a sailboat ride during their Portland Maine elopement | how to elope in Portland Maine

Getting Your Marriage License 

The city of Portland requires an appointment to secure your marriage license with them. If one or both of you live in the state, you must get your license from a town hall where one of you lives in the state. If you are both from out of state, you can get your license at any city hall in the state (but if you’re getting married in Portland… get it from Portland!)

Here’s the link with more information about getting your marriage license for your Portland, Maine elopement: Portland Marriage License Info

Have the Best Day Ever!

The day is here! You’ve picked your date, booked your vendors, gotten needed permits, secured your marriage license, and pieced together all of the important details. Now it’s time to enjoy your wedding day and soak it all in as you explore the Portland area for your elopement/wedding day. The day will FLY by fast– so make sure you slow down, relax, and soak in all those amazing, but fleeting, moments of your wedding day. 

Grab Some of the Best Craft Beers in Town

Portland, Maine is known for its craft brewery scene. With over 15 craft breweries in the small city, I highly recommend heading out to one of the local breweries in your wedding attire to grab a celebratory pint before you call it a night. Who knows, some friendly locals may buy you a pint or two as a wedding day gift! Here are some of my favorite local breweries:

  • Allagash Brewing (home of the famous Allagash White)
  • Austin Street Brewery
  • Banded Brewing
  • Bissell Brothers Brewing Co

A couple enjoying beer during their Portland Maine elopement | how to elope in Portland Maine

Now you know how to elope in Portland Maine!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide on How to elope in Portland, Maine! If you are wanting a colorful, bright, joyful, and authentic style to your elopement photography, check out my Home Page HERE or, check out my Elopement page HERE to learn more about me and what I do! I’m a local Maine elopement photographer and would love to document your elopement day for you! Reach out to me via my Contact Page and say “Hi” so we can chat and bring your vision to life!

Happy Adventuring!



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