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Meet Adventure and Vows, A Totally Unique Adventure Elopement Photographer

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your Adventure Elopement Photographer. It can feel difficult on who to pick at times. But, it totally helps if you know what you want out of the experience and what kind of photography style you would like. Have you been Looking for an Adventure elopement photographer with a colorful, bright, joyful, and authentic style? If so, I want to connect with you and chat about your day!

Meet Jenna! Your Adventure Elopement Photographer!

Hi there, I’m Jenna! An adventure elopement photographer with a colorful, bright, joyful, and authentic approach to your adventure elopement photography! I help couples from all over the country craft the elopement day of their dreams! I spend time getting to know my couples on a personal level and explore what they are like as a couple, what’s important to them, how they met, and why they are choosing to have a totally epic adventure elopement! When I get to know couples on a personal level and what they are looking for out of their elopement day, that’s when the true wedding day magic happens.

All of those magic moments in an elopement day come to life when you plan an elopement day that is authentic to you two as a couple. So, as an elopement photographer & BFF, I’m here to help couples create an elopement day experience that is true to them. This means amazing elopement days spent exploring beautiful places, enjoying yummy food & drink, participating in fun activities, and slowing down & enjoying all the fleeting moments of your day.

How I help you have a stress-free day

I assist all couples by providing them with an exclusive 70+ page Elopement Planning guide, local vendor recommendations, custom timelines, fun activity ideas, custom location idea lists, and so much more. My goal is to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety couples feel throughout the planning process and on their elopement day.

When your amazing day gets here, we’ll take our time exploring the locations, soaking in the little, magical moments, and getting you two married! We’ll celebrate your new marriage by doing all the things you want to do on your wedding day… and won’t waste time doing the things you don’t.

My Photography style as an Elopement Photographer

I want your elopement photos to stand the test of time. I don’t want you to look back on your photographs and think that they are dated because of an editing trend that was popular when you got married. You put so much time and thought into choosing the colors and the overall vibe of your elopement day. I want to honor that. This is why I edit in a true to life way that is brighter than current trends and shows off the true colors of your elopement day. Whenever you look back on your photographs I want you to be reminded of the lush green forest you walked through, the bright blue waters, the amazing hues of your florals, and the color of your partner’s beautiful eyes. I want you to be reminded of all of those stunning details each time you look back at your photos and feel all the “feels” from that day rush back in. 


I’m always down for an adventure! An elopement photographer who loves to travel

Although I am based in the state of Maine, I am ALWAYS down to travel! Take me anywhere for your adventure elopement and I’ll be one happy camper while I’m documenting your elopement day!

Depending on where you want your adventure elopement, I have a list of “Bucket List” elopements that I offer reduced or no travel fees to! These are locations or concepts that I have been dreaming about and want to be able to do with you. So, I reduce or even get rid of the travel fee so I’m able to go on your elopement adventure with you!

Below are some of my Bucket List elopement concepts that have reduced or no travel fees:


Think you’ve found your Adventure Elopement Photographer?

If I sound like your type of Adventure elopement photographer, head over to my Contact page to contact me and start discussing your dream elopement day!

If you would like to know more about what I offer for elopements, head over to my Elopement page to learn more about how I can help you craft the perfect elopement day!

Happy Adventuring!



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