A Romantic European Honeymoon

Our Dream European Honeymoon

I recently went globetrotting around the world on a romantic European honeymoon with my husband and it was epic. We knew we wanted our honeymoon to be an adventure. After all, we were engaged in Europe (Scotland to be exact. It. Was. Amazing.) so we had big shoes to fill for this trip. PJ, my husband, and I decided that we knew we wanted to go back to a small village in the Swiss Alps that we had visited on our last trip. The waterfalls, cow bells, Swiss chalets, and CHEESE, how could we NOT go back? But, the other destination was a bit harder to decide on because there are just so many places we could have gone to.

I, for one, knew I wanted our other European destination to be somewhere I could enjoy the pace and aesthetic. I scoured the internet high and low for somewhere that felt right. After of hours of searching, we decided on a small town in Germany. It was filled with pastel colored buildings and a lot of amazing culture. What was the best part of this town? It’s next door neighbor. A castle. A flipping castle. The castle that inspired Disney’s Cinderella castle to be exact. Therefore, I was one VERY excited gal to be visiting this small town on the southern edge of Germany.

Here we go!

We drove on a small and narrow road. It twisted around the trees and hills of the landscape. As we came around a large bend in the road, there it was. And she was BEAUTIFUL. I mean absolutely stunning.  Neuschwanstein castle stood perched on a hill surrounded by mountains and lush green forest and her white stone structure seemed magical among the fog and trees. I have never been more excited in my life. After seeing this castle in person, my face hurt from smiling so much. Best. Day. Ever.

In short, we spent our days wandering through small sides streets, consuming our weight in German beer and schnitzel, touring castles, listening to the sounds of Swiss cowbells and waterfalls, summiting mountains, and enjoying the company of each other. It was the perfect romantic European honeymoon.






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